Saturday, February 4, 2012


Momma went back to work today which meant that I had my first one-on-one day taking care of Harper. Some might call it "Mr. Momming", but I have dubbed it "DADurday." In my opinion, DADurday is the best day of the week.

This DADurday started around 2 a.m. when I got up for Harper's first "dream feed" of the night. Since Mama had a full day at the salon coming up, I decided to take the majority of the night shift feedings so that she could sleep. The silence of the night is a little dull, so Harper and I usually listen to Jack Johnson while she eats and falls back asleep. It has become a soundtrack to this part of our life that I will never forget.

While Harper usually eats quite regularly at three hour intervals, I was unexpectedly awakened at 4 a.m. by her grunts and cries through the monitor at my bedside. When I picked her up from her crib she wasn't showing any hunger cues. Instead, she was trying to pass gas. I laid her down on a blanket on the floor, rubbed her tummy, and tooted right along with her. I couldn't help but laugh, wondering if my sleeping wife could hear our shenanigans through the nursery monitor.

Hours later, as Mama left for work, Harper and I sat down for a hefty 100 mL breakfast in our P.J.s. Bathtime was next for both of us. Wrestling a greased pig is easier than trying to bathe a skinny, soapy, screaming preemie! I was impressed to find that our $10 baby tub had a jacuzzi setting, but soon realized that it was my well-mannered princess farting in the bubble bath.

Successfully dressed (and styling), we set off for a daddy-daughter drink date at Sonic. Me with my cherry Sprite and Harper with her bottle, we basked in the warmth of an unusually sunny February afternoon as we took the long way home.

The rest of our day was filled with dancing in the livingroom to Gwen Stefani and Gym Class Heroes, tummy time, and (best of all) Grandma Nalder's arrival from Salt Lake City for her first visit since Harper was born one month ago today.

While our DADurday isn't over yet, I can't help but think, as I look back at our pictures from the day and watch a loving grandma nap with her first grandchild in her arms, that today was one of the best day's ever. Isn't that what DADurdays are all about?

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