Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haiku Baby

Fatherhood has changed me. That should be obvious. It has changed my blogging too. Therefore, I will be blogging about my most recent misadventures in fatherhood in Haikus. Enjoy.

My baby screams.
It's so late. What time is it?
She is so grounded!

That was disgusting.
She was just constipated.
It came all at once!

Warm bath before bed.
Bubbles in the bath water.
Homemade jacuzzi.

Driving to Utah
used to only take three hours.
A babe makes it five.

Where is my money?
Her closet is full of clothes
that no longer fit.

I'm writing a book
for my daughter to treasure.
Both, my pride and joy.

Many sleepless nights.
When will headaches go away?
Life is beautiful.

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